Adopting a plant-based lifestyle, especially in a meat-centric society, is very commendable. This is also a shift which can be difficult in the beginning. You might slip up and have something non-vegan either by accident, by not knowing the ingredients of the food you’re consuming, or in a moment of weakness. It happens! You are not the first, nor the last vegan to have a slip up. Take it from some veteran vegans: when this happens, forgive yourself and move on from the mistake. …

As we vocally lead a plant-based lifestyle, we are exposed to many myths and beliefs that people have about veganism which are often misinformed, hilarious, and an awesome opportunity for education. Today, Vegan AF is going to share some of the truths about veganism. We feel this needs to be articulated after we surveyed vegans across Africa to find out what common myths they are confronted with.

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Vegans can easily get enough protein

If you’re vegan you’ve probably heard the protein myth enough times to make you a millionaire, so we want to say this loud and clear: vegans are…

Cauliflower and broccoli are my absolute favorite vegetables! Any chance I get to create with them, I enjoy going all out and make the most out of it! These cauliflower and broccoli balls are so delicious that even fussy eaters and kids who don’t like vegetables are sure to love them! Making this recipe requires you to cut off the stems and only use the florets and since we are eco-warriors, we suggest freezing these stems to use when making your next veggie stock. Follow along with these steps to make some delicious plant-based magic!


For the balls


Eden Vegan Foods is a plant-based Zambian company that sells vegan sausages, burger patties, meatless balls, and tofu, founded in 2018. The Vegan AF team is supporting the growing pan-African network, and we had the opportunity to interview the founder of Eden, Florence Hanampota, who is one of the many inspiring plant-based entrepreneurs in Africa.

Florence was inspired by the opportunity to introduce new plant-based protein in her country; before Eden, plant-based eating in Zambia was limited to a monotonous supply of soy chunks, beans and lentils, and she felt the need to create more variety. …

It’s no secret that plant parenting is becoming more common as the days go by. Entering the online world of Instagram, you are bound to see some amazing lush spaces especially among millennials and gen Z’s. You may be wondering why keeping indoor plants is suddenly an obsession. Many people are attracted to the lifestyle, and studies have shown that keeping indoor plants improves one’s mental and physical wellbeing (Sophie Lee).

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Indoor plants help boost your mood, reduce stress, as well as heighten concentration and productivity by 15%. Additionally, they help regulate humidity, increase positivity and make us feel more…

Yummy! We love all things oats here they're super versatile and quite healthy! Overnight oats is also a simple but healthy and nutritious breakfast option!

This is a great guide on what to stock in your kitchen when first transitioning to vegan! We definitely always have banans, pb, avocados, CHICKPEAS and lentils, and definitely loads of fruits and veggies! Love this.

Since going vegan, I have realized I cannot live in a world without chickpeas! These little legumes are packed with so much nutritive value and are super versatile! Today we’re gonna make some delicious vegan falafels that you just might add to your weekly meal rotation.

Falafels are a traditional Middle Eastern snack that are quite similar to a well-known snack on the Kenyan coast, bhajia za kunde. These amazingly tasty balls of goodness are super easy to make and can be baked or fried depending on your preference and resources. To make falafels, you need a food processor to…

Vegan Basket is the first 100% plant-based restaurant in Kenya, located on Bofa Village Road, Kilifi. They offer restaurant dine-in as well as delivery services for their delicious, ethically and sustainably sourced foods. Their story is quite captivating and inspiring and it was an honor interviewing Gitaari, co-owner of the restaurant.

According to Gitaari, who’s been vegan for 16 years, they started the restaurant with his wife out of necessity. There were no vegan food options in restaurants around them and they always had a hard time eating out. They would find themselves stuck with carbs and vegetables and would…

So you’re thinking about going vegan but you’re a bit lost on where to start and how to start. We get it, we’ve been there, and for this reason, Vegan AF is sharing some tips that will help your transition go as smoothly as possible.

Before we start, we want to tell you how incredibly proud we are of you for making such a compassionate lifestyle shift and embarking on your journey! We love you and we will be here for you with tips, recipes and all the other resources you need on your vegan journey.

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Find your ‘Why’ and…

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